E-tech Business Solutions (E-tech) can showcase your business with a custom crafted 60-second video shot on location by a professional, local filmmaker in less than 90 minutes.

We will provide instructions on how to load the video to your website. We can work directly with your web designer OR we will place the video on your website if given access. We can create a YouTube account and upload the video on your behalf. We will also create a custom Facebook Fan Page, upload the video to the page and create a "like us" hyperlink on your website.

Making a Premium Video

  • We schedule video shoot location, day and time.
  • Local filmmaker conducts brief consultation and has release signed at your location.
  • The filmmaker finds the best location for interviews and spends
    15-20 minutes conducting the interviews.
  • The rest of the shoot is used by the filmmaker to capture different aspects of the business.
  • Filmmaker uploads video for review within 3 days.
  • We review video for quality assurance. If there are changes needed, they are sent back to the filmmaker who uploads a corrected version.
  • We notify you when the video is ready for review.
  • You review video in online screening room where you can:
    -  Approve the video for final delivery
    -  Request up to 1 round of edits
    -  Change title and description of video
    -  Rearrange or remove the media in the video
    -  Upload images to be included in video
    -  Select music genre
    -  Adjust video brightness and audio levels
  • Once approved, we release the video electronically.